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Use Latitude and Longitude to suggest hotels nearby

Change the latitude and longitude according to the destination or point of interest

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Use City or Country name to suggest hotels nearby

Change the place name according to the city or country

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How can you Monetize your Travel Blogs and Websites with this widget has a very simple commission system: for every booking made, receives a variable commission (starting from 15% of the travel price)... and then pays you a part of this commission.
The percentage you receive depends on the number of confirmed (= non-cancelled) bookings made through you during the month. The better your conversion rate, the more you are paid:

  • - Between 1 and 50 bookings per month: 25% commission.
  • - Between 51 and 150 bookings per month: 30% commission.
  • - Between 151 and 500 bookings per month: 35% commission.
  • - Over 500 bookings per month: 40% commission.

As an indication, for 1 night's stay, what we get often varies between 1.5€ (cheap accommodation such as youth hostel) and 50€ (luxury accommodation such as palace).

The validity of the Booking affiliate cookie is limited to the user's session: in other words, the system favors immediate conversions but does not take into account visitors who "take time to decide", close their browser and come back a few days later to make a reservation.

The payment of commissions is also quite simple to understand. You can follow in real time the bookings made via your website and their status: booked stays that have not yet been completed (they can often be cancelled at any time by the traveler!), cancelled stays (which appear in red) and confirmed/paid stays (which appear in green, which means that Booking has received its payment and that you will be paid in turn)

With this widget, you will be able to automatically add hotels from for any places in the world really fast and easily. You will be able to add your affiliate ID to it and make money with your travel blog or website

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