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Look for a place, city, region or country and we will return the best tours and activites around it from our travel partners with affiliate booking links

Use destination name or GPS coordinates to find the tours and activities

Suggest the most popular tours and activities of a destination

With the destination name

Use the name of the destination, city or country

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With the GPS coordinates

Use the latitude and longitude

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Suggest the closest tours and activities around a touristic place

Change the ranking of the suggested tours and activities according to how far it is from a geographical point

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What is an affiliate web widget?

An affiliate widget is a tool that allow customers to discover quickly and easily a website’s products. It uses dynamic visual presentation. With codes, it’s easily introduced on your website, or blog, such as Wordpress. The purpose of the widget is to draw the visitor's attention to attractive or important products or information. It allows interaction between the visitor and the information at his disposal. This information will be found by the widget itself.

How does a web widget work?

- With the user intervention: specific search (date, time, place, type of transport, type of accommodation...)
- According to the subject of the current page and/or the user's location at the time of the search: intuitive proposal.

The suggestions lead the user to booking sites. If he buys a product on the site via your widget, you will receive a commission (reward).

A win for users…

- Time saving: the number one advantage. The product proposal is fast and personalized (even more so if the user has inserted additional information)
- Eye-catching: often colorful, the widget is dynamic and intuitive
- Always in control: the widget suggests a large quantity of products and the user always has the power of the last word (last click!)

… and a win for you, partners, bloggers

- Income: the more users book/purchase through your links, the more money you earn. In fact, it was one of the main sources of income for 31% of publishers in 2021
- Low cost: no need to hire a specialist, just add content and links to your site.
- Low risk: you don't lose money if users don't book

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