How does it enhance your website ?

Better Engagement rate
  •  The name of the destination in the picture is added automatically using image recognition

  •  The description is added automatically from Wikipedia with its source

  •  Use the dashboard to edit this content manually for each pictures

Better Click-through rate
  •  Affiliate links to activities or hotels are added automatically

  •  The marker appears when a user put his mouse over the pictures or when he scrolls them

  •  Use the dashboard to choose products manually from 7 affiliate partners and to configure the display

Better Search engine optimization

  •  Add relevant content recognizable by Google with precise Metadata

  •  Increase your Average Time on Page, organic CTR and branded traffic

  •  Reduce Bounce Rate

With one code to copy-paste at the bottom of your web pages or using our Wordpress Plugin

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=" Vision" async></script>

Try it with one of your picture


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