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The 6 Best Travel and Tours Affiliate Programs in 2023 (+ one AI Solution)

Monetization and Travel Affiliate Programs
Jan. 4, 2021

As a content creator on the topic of travel, tours are very good products to promote to your reader and can make you earn a good amount of money thanks to affiliate programs. The industry is expected to reach $210 billion by the end of 2025

Touring while traveling can be pretty fun. Backpackers who travel on a budget and who prefer to be independent tend to avoid them but in some cases, even for them, they are really worth it. The activities can go from the really mainstream ones that will be appreciated by families and more traditional travelers to more adventurous ones where you could really appreciate the help of local guides who will not only show you around but also provide their own stories and anecdotes.

Travel Affiliate Marketing using ChatGPT

chatgtp affiliate monetization

As a big update following the recent development trends in AI, we are happy to share with you the widget builder which allows you to integrate a trip itinerary builder powered by AI to your travel website. This ChatGPT travel agent will automatically add affiliate links for tours and activities as well as hotels to the travel plans generated for any user

Here are the best travel and tours affiliate programs to improve your blog monetization in 2023

1 . GetYourGuide

getyourguide logo
  • Commission share: 8% of the booking value
  • Cookies tracking: 31 days
  • 40,000 products
  • Very good for European destinations

The good thing about GetYourGuide is their curation of activities. They don’t have that many of them but they are carefully selected so their conversion rates are usually higher since their tours sound very attractive to consumers. However, it can be argued that they tend to mainly put forward mainstream activities that don't appeal to everyone and won't correspond precisely to some destinations or points of interest.

Join GetYourGuide's affiliate program here

2 . Viator (owned by TripAdvisor)

viator logo
  • Commission share: 8% of the booking value
  • Cookies tracking: 30 days
  • 250,000 products
  • Very good worldwide but more trusted by US consumers

The strategy of Viator regarding tours and activities is different. They focus on quantity rather than popularity so it will be a good choice if you are looking for very specific activities that are not so mainstream since you will find a lot of products in their catalog. On the other hand, it might actually be very time consuming for you to search for activities one by one and put each product widget manually on your website.

To solve this problem, we have developed a free travel monetization platform where you can connect your website and it will automatically add Viator products widgets to your web pages according to the travel destination we identify in your articles.

Try our monetization platform for free here

You can now automatically add affiliate links to Viator and GetYourGuide products in your content using ChatGPT! Read more about it here

3 . Klook

klook logo
  • Commission share: 5% of the booking value
  • Cookies tracking: 30 days
  • 100,000 products
  • Very good for Asian destinations

Klook has a similar strategy as Viator regarding the number of tours and activities they provide in their affiliate programs. They focus on the Asia-pacific region but offer a lower commission payout than the competition. Klook will be a good choice if you are looking for a very specific product in Asia that you can not found on other tours and activities providers.

Join Klook's affiliate program here

4 . Tiqets

tiqets logo
  • Commission share: 8-12% of the booking value
  • Cookies tracking: 30 days
  • 4,500 products
  • Very good for cultural activities such as museums or monuments visits

We have observed amazing conversion rates with Tiqets as they sell good products at good prices for popular attractions. They don’t offer that many of them in their affiliate program but when you have the opportunity to include them over the other affiliate partners, we strongly recommend that you do it.

Join Tiqets' affiliate program here

5 . Adrenaline Hunter

adrenaline-hunter logo
  • Commission share: 8% of the booking value
  • Cookies tracking: 30 days
  • 7,200 products
  • Very good for adventure sports activities

This affiliate partner should be your go-to choice if your content is about sports or adventures. They offer a wide range of activities covering 75 different sports from kayaking and surfing to bungee jumping and sandboarding. The only issue with Adrenaline Hunter is that they don’t offer products in the United States and Australia. For these countries, your best alternative for adventure sports activities will be Viator.

Join Adrenaline Hunter's affiliate program here

6 . Hatlas Vision

hatlas vision logo
  • Commission share: 4-8% of the booking value
  • Cookies tracking: 30 days
  • 500,000 products from 5 affiliate programs
  • Automatic Integration in your Website

The Hatlas Vision Affiliate Program provides a free monetization platform that allows you to monetize your travel blogs and websites automatically using various affiliate partners. The main benefits are that you will save a lot of time if you have many pages to monetize, the products will correspond closely to the content of your pictures or articles and you can be part of different travel affiliate programs on one platform.

Join Hatlas Vision's affiliate program here

The travel affiliate web plugins we provide for free give you these functionalities:

  • Automatic Booking buttons on your pictures
booking buttons affiliate

With this plugin, we synchronize automatically the travel pictures of your website and try to recognize a destination and an activity corresponding to these pictures. If we find it, we will add a booking button at the bottom of the picture with the name of the destination we identified.

For example: We recognize in a picture a woman surfing at a famous beach in Bali. We will add to this picture the name of this beach with a booking button redirecting to a surfing lesson in Bali provided by Adrenaline Hunter, worth 40$. If the user ends-up booking this activity, you will receive your commission on this sale. In this case, a minimum of $2.

  • Automatic Travel photos or products widget in your articles

travel nlp affiliate

If you insert this plugin on your website, it will automatically detect travel destinations in your texts. For example in your web or blog articles. It will also rank these destinations according to their relevance and importance within this web page.

Following this process, it will add a product widget wherever you copy-pasted the script with tours and activities related to the destinations identified in the page. It can save you a lot of time, especially if you have many articles to monetize. The promoted activities will also be more precise and relevant than traditional travel affiliate widgets since they will closely correspond to what the article is about.

Get started for free with the Hatlas Vision monetization platform here!
Don’t hesitate to check-out more thoroughly all the affiliate programs mentioned in this article too, to share it with your network, and let’s make 2021 a great year!

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