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The Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Influencers in 2021

Monetization and Travel Affiliate Programs
Dec. 22, 2020
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Nowadays, travel is not only a hobby, it has become a crucial need of many people and also a lifestyle. Many content creators and travel bloggers have been traveling while documenting their own experiences and making money from it

Traveling, exploring unknown lands, learning about the culture and culinary characteristics of a destination, try to ask who does not like it? Even more: taking pictures, shooting videos, and writing about your experiences to make a living from it...

If you are also a travel enthusiast, the opportunity to earn money while traveling is here. Get started with a travel-themed blog and work on your monetization strategy, study the different travel affiliate programs and news tools

The best travel affiliate marketing programs to help you monetize your blog Affiliate Marketing Program is one of the most popular websites to book stays and hotels around the world. The travel affiliate marketing program is easy to sign up for anyone who owns a blog or website or even for companies that provide travel services.

Some information about's affiliate program:

  • Over 2 millions products
  • Simple and easy registration
  • Provide specific commission by sales/month
  • Payment methods via PayPal
  • minimum payout is € 100 (Euro)

Good to you know: You can integrate Booking's search box on your WordPress blog with the Official Search Box Plugin itself

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Join affiliate program here

Tripadvisor Travel Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor is a popular website that specializes in reviews of travel destinations around the world. When someone gets ready for a trip, they will usually think of TripAdvisor as the place to go as they will find many reviews, comments, and information about hotels, restaurants, activities on a destination

Some information about TripAdvisor affiliate program:

  • Commissions up to 50% of TripAdvisor net earning
  • Links to about 500,000 activities and hotels worldwide
  • Commissions increase with the number of sales you refer
  • Monthly payment

Join TripAdvisor affiliate program here

Agoda Affiliate Marketing Program

With a network of around 750,000 hotels, Agoda is sure to be one of the must-go websites when you want to make money with affiliate marketing on your travel blog.

Agoda's Affiliate Program is open to everyone, the only thing you need is to own a website or blog. The review process will take place within 48-72 hours manually by Agoda staff.

Some information about Agoda's affiliate program:

  • Commissions up to 60% of Agoda’s net earning
  • Provide you with a search box to integrate into your blog as well as text links and, banners
  • Provides a cookie reminder mode that helps generate high, repeatable traffic for your blog
  • The minimum payment level is $ 200, via bank transfer

Join Agoda affiliate program here

Skyscanner's affiliate marketing program

Skyscanner is a website that provides an easy way to find flights and help you rent a car easily.

Skyscanner's affiliate marketing program is very well known for its web tools helping you to create search boxes called “Trave Widget”. You can easily create a search box for flights, hotels, and car rental. Then you just need to integrate it on your travel website or blog and it will allow your readers to search flights using the widget and to be automatically redirected to Skyscanner.

If you need more advanced tools, Skyscanner also provides a system called the Travel APIs. However, this tool is reserved for only some partners and you may need a web developer to help build a search functionality on your blog using this API

Join Skyscanner's affiliate program here

New Affiliate Program for Travel bloggers and photographers

There are many more travel affiliate programs out there. GetYourGuide, Tiqets, Airbnb, Kiwi, and so on... It can be overwhelming to identify the best ones and decide which one to go for.

The Hatlas Vision Affiliate program provides a solution by aggregating all the products of these travel affiliate partners in one place. It also automatically suggests to your readers the best activities or hotels according to the content of your web pages or to your travel pictures

Our affiliate program is free to join, you can access our platform and start using all our monetization tools easily such as travel photo widgets and magic booking buttons here

monetize your travel blogs

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